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Headband (Blastsafe™ VIPER2) - Complete

Headband (Blastsafe™ VIPER2) - Complete

SKU: BLS-HLM-ORI-401008-103


Blastsafe™ VIPER2 ear muff

Materials: ABS Cups + 304 Stainless Steel Arms

SNR: 30dB NRR: 26dBAS/NZS SLC(80)=28.4dB

CLASS5 Adaptor plug option: 25/30mm


Recommended Industry
Power tools, Hunting, Racing, Industrial, Construction, Shooting, Motersport etc.



  1. 304 stainless steel arms: corrosion resistance, heat resistance, good oxidation resistance, excellent weld ability
  2. Stainless steel arms with 4-point suspension, suspension system helps distribute cushion pressure evenly
  3. Oval-shaped foam (thickness 43&5mm): Inside the ABS cups, a unique "double foam" ear cup design, double sound insulation
  4. Lightweight, comfortable & effective earmuff range
  5. Reinforced hardware for mounting on most hard hats
  6. The broad foam cushions give low comfortable surface pressure. It also features pressure equalization air openings, which quickly ensure the correct pressure to the eardrum.
  7. Meet ANSI and AS/NZS 1270(SLC(80):28dB Class 5) standards, hearing protection compliant


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    401008 Headband (VIPER2) - Complete

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