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Silencer makes changes!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Dear Distributor, we now are rolling out several products and thoughts that have been developed the last two years, and more is to come.

The brand "Blastsafe" takes over for the earlier name Silencer. We found the need to differentiate the brand and the development company.

Each product is given its own unique name for a stronger identity.

e.g. Blastsafe "ULTRA" - suit for abrasive blasting

We also are working on a SKU numbering system to ease the back tracking and dialogue for products.

This "Distributors Blog" will be a channel to update and share info about our products, activities and plans. We also se an option of opening up for a dialogue between distributors.

We are developing products in a relatively conservative area, and have a lot of respect of the operator of the products. We are open for feedback and want to learn form the true professionals, the "Blastheroes".

Stay safe out there !

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