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Blastsafe™ ULTRA - combinaison pour le sablage abrasif

Blastsafe™ ULTRA - combinaison pour le sablage abrasif

SKU : BLS-SUI-ULT-602000-101

Blastsafe™ ULTRA is based on our long-term proven Blastsafe™ "Source" protection suit. We have refined the design and functionality into a new high-end technical safety suit created for Blastheroes™. With recoil absorbing inlays, rigid fabrics, high-comfort sport cuffs and breathable back panel. «ULTRA» is tested and CE approved according to: EN ISO 14877 Protective clothing for abrasive blasting operations using grannular abrasives. The suit is extremely strong and durable.

This is the suit of the future!


EN ISO 14877:2002, type1


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  • Worlds first Recoil Damping Sandwich!

    Nous avons finalement intégré l'unique "RDS- Recoil Damping Sandwich". Protéger nos Blasheroes.

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