Silencer® BlastHelmet

Silencer® BlastHelmet is the only protective safety equipment for sandblasting which provides adequate damping against noise.

• CE-approved EN 14594 Class 4

• Noise reduction of 41 decibels    (Dba)

• Integrated hearing protection

• Integrated head protection

• Safety indicator for breathing air

• High user comfort

• Low weight

• Rubberized surface

• Adjustable headband

Silencer® BlastHelmet protective equipment has been developed in close cooperation with Norwegian companies for sandblasting. The goal of the project has been to develop a product that satisfies a strict Norwegian noise level regulation, while being comfortable to use. Repeated testing has shown that both goals have been achieved. Silencer   is the ultimate in sandblasting and UHT protection equipment.


Phone: +47 90 77 14 94


Koppholen 6, N-4313 Sandnes, Norway